18 - 21 Sept 2024

The BIG50

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Annual Police Union Leadership Seminar

Law Enforcement Union Leaders

The annual BIG50 seminar is a premier law enforcement leadership seminar that brings together the best, brightest, and most influential police labor organization leaders in North America and abroad. 
The seminar includes topics such as issues facing the law enforcement profession nationally; legal and legislative developments; sessions on communication strategies; and, the best tactics to reach and engage with membership and the community.

Our History

Twenty-two years ago, Ms. Cynthia Brown, then editor for American Police Beat magazine and Dr. Elaine Bernard, Executive Director of Harvard Law School, realized a correlation between police matters and their impact on their communities.  
They realized that law enforcement labor organizations, in general, were fragmented and there was a need to unite. Ms. Brown and Dr. Bernard invited the best and brightest law enforcement leaders from across the world to come to Harvard and discuss police matters and their impact on the community.

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With more than 40 years of law enforcement experience and 30 years of police union leadership including collective bargaining negotiations, lobbying for legislation, lawsuits involving police officer rights, and developing impactful public relations strategies, the BIG50 has the expertise you’re looking for to take your organization to the next level!

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